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St. Agnes

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History of St. Agnes Parish Mayerthorpe
The Catholic people of the Mayerthorpe district, in the early 1920's, were provided with a Mass when a visiting priest would come. The Mass was said in the homes of the people around the district so the close neighbours could come. In October of 1922 Father Joseph Ronald MacDonald, the Parish priest of Onoway, started coming once a month to say Mass. Plans soon got under way for the building of a Church and everyone pitched in to help.
In August, 1923 the Dedication Ceremony was held. The people waited for hours on a hot day for the Bishop to come from Edmonton. Archbishop O'Leary finally arrived and performed the ceremony of Blessing and Dedicating the Church and also confirming all the children who were of age and knowledge to be confirmed.
The Church Bell was erected in 1928. The names of the people who helped to build the Church and buy the bell
are written on the bell.
Mayerthorpe became a Parish in November of 1935 when Father P.J. O'Malley was here. The rectory (a home for the priest) was built in 1958. A new church was built in 1961 with Father A.J. MacDougall as pastor at that time. The old church was moved out of town and since then has been burned down. Sangudo and Glenevis were Missions of the Mayerthorpe Parish until they were closed.
In December of 1951 a C.W.L. (Catholic Women's League) was organized and Over most of the years the C. W.L. has been active in theMayerthorpe district.
The priests that have served the Mayerthorpe people over the years are:

1922-1923 Father Joseph Ronald MacDonald
1923-1930 Father John Louis Stacy
1930-1935 Father Phillip M. Rooney
1935-1937 Father P.J. O'Malley
1937-1951 FatherM.J. O'Connor
1951-1956 Father J.A. Peck
1956-1958 Father R. Leonard
1958-1960 Father A. McRae
1960-1966 Father A.J. MacDougall
1966-1967 Father A. Hensel
1967 -1969 Father Claude J. Prefontaine
1969-1970 Father A. MacKenzie
1970-1971 Father A. Dittrich
1971-1973 Father F. Villeneune
1973-1974 Father R. Plourde
1975-1978 Father Ray Guimond
1978-1979 Father Enzo Angoli
1979-1987 Father M. Grogan
1987-1990 Father Roger Keeler
1990-1995 Father Frank Laverty
1995-2001 Father Ray Guimond
2001-2007 Father Andrew Bogdanowicz
2007-2009 Father D. Narisetty
2009-2010 Father I. Bellamkonda
2010-2015 Father Gary Lee
2015- Father Jaya Rajan J M SAC
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